Eagle Vision Video Productions Ltd., an Indigenous Production company and the History Channel have teamed up to produce “True Story – Part Two“,  a two-hour documentary that explores Canada’s colonial past and illuminates a possible path forward by examining such issues as Residential Schools and the Indian Act. If these past colonial instances could be conveyed to Non-Indigenous Canadians in an impactful way, just maybe “we can move forward as a nation”. “True Story Part Two” producers hope that “through authentic storytelling … [in] an inspiring and uplifting tone”, they hope to show “what Canada could truly be if we learn from the past”.
True Story – Part Two will air September 30 on the same day as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. You can see it on the History Channel at 8 PM, Winnipeg time. It will follow True Story – Part One which will be at 6:00 PM. Part One aired in 2022 and focused on the Pre-Contact era up to the Indian Act.