With the snow melted and the arrival of Summer Solstice, the beginning of the Powwow  season starts!  
Throughout this season, a series of Powwows known as Powwow Trails appear among communities from coast to coast to coast across Canada. Powwows celebrate a nation’s  culture, art, dance, food, songs, history, and spirituality. It also honors the resilience,  strength, and revitalization of Indigenous culture. 
Though Powwow dance styles vary among communities, they can often include Men’s  Traditional, Men’s Grass Dance, Men’s Fancy Bustle, Men’s Prairie Chicken Dance,  Northern Traditional, Women’s Jingle Dress, and Women’s Fancy Shawl. 
Additionally, Powwows can act as a bridge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous  people. Most Powwows are open to anyone wanting to participate and are a great place to  learn more about a nation and celebrate alongside them. Through building these relationships and learning from one another, this reciprocity aids in propelling reconciliation. 
Although this is a celebration, Powwow etiquette does exist to maintain respect. This includes asking permission before taking pictures, not touching items without asking  permission, and standing and removing hats during special songs (such as Grand Entry,  Flag Songs, Memorial Songs, Prayer Songs, or any other song indicated by the announcer.) Additionally, doing extra research and asking questions is always a great idea! 
Are you interested in attending a Powwow in your area? Check out a few Powwows that are  happening this summer! 

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