(PHOTO BY: CFR). BESIDE LOUIS RIEL STATUE SOUTH OF THE MANITOBA LEGISLATIVE BUILDING. Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relations Minister, Alan Lagimodiere (In Dark Suit); (At far right) Bonnie Loewen, CFR Partner and Grace Schedler, CFR Partner.

Under a cloudless blue sky, and in front of one of Canada’s most iconic historical figures, the Statue of Louis Riel, the Manitoba Government provided Circles for Reconciliation with an operating grant of $167,000 so we can continue on with our Reconciliation activities well into the next year.

Elder Amanda Wallin opened the event with a song and prayer mentioning that her participation in a Circle helped her with reconciling her past views. Elder Wallin said she participated in a Circle last year and it helped her come to realize all the misconceptions that she didn’t even know she had.

CFR Partner, Grace Schedler said “when I did my first circle, I was surprised by how much I felt welcomed by everyone… All the people in the Circle wanted to understand… what had happened to the First Nation people in this country. Not only did I learn from everyone in the Circle, but I also built relationships and…that I wanted to help in any way I could”.

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