Pitikwé Skatepark opens in Portage Place

Now that it's finally cold in Winnipeg, you may be looking for a warm place to go skateboarding in the comfort of a downtown shopping mall.While the future of the Portage Place Mall are being worked out, the ground floor anchor position on the on the west side of the mall has been repurposed into an in-door skatepark so that skateboard enthusiast can enjoy their passion year-around.The park takes up the entire floor space where the old Staples store used to be.According to a online Cree Dictionary, "Pitikwé" means "enter or come in".Admission prices are $5 under 25 years old, and…

How would you say “May the Force Be With You” in Ojibwe?

CTV News at Noon announced on their noon newscast on Dec 19th, 2023 that Disney/Lucasfilm will release an Ojibwe version of the poplar 1977 space drama: "Star Wars - A New Hope". The Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, APTN and the University of Manitoba will be collaborating with Lucasfilm to make the first Star Wars saga in Ojibwe. And Ojibwe people in Manitoba can can participate by applying through StarWarsOjibwe.com. There is more info at this link.

Lessons From Beyond with Wilfred Buck

Most of the world's cultures have looked to the night sky as a cultural source of inspiration. Canada's Indigenous used the night sky as a "as a map, clock and calendar." Indigenous Knowledge Keeper and Scientist, William Buck is a Cree Elder from the Opaskwayak Cree Nation. He is also the Science Facilitator for the Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Center (MFNERC). He has an extensive knowledge of Astronomy and in particular Indigenous Astronomy. He refers to North Star or Polaris, also commonly known as the bright star at the of the Big Dipper's handle, as "the going home" star (6 Minute,…

November 8th is National Aboriginal Veterans Day

When I was about 4 years old, somebody dressed me up my Dad’s war uniform, complete with his boots, helmet, boots and his rifle, all the things he needed in WWIII was never privileged to learn the details of his service to our country, but we should all take time on National Aboriginal Veterans Day, November 8th  to honor all our veterans who fought for our country.To my Dad, Amos Demas and for the countless others who did not make it back. We are forever grateful. Rick Demas

True Story Part Two airs Sept 30 on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Eagle Vision Video Productions Ltd., an Indigenous Production company and the History Channel have teamed up to produce "True Story - Part Two",  a two-hour documentary that explores Canada's colonial past and illuminates a possible path forward by examining such issues as Residential Schools and the Indian Act. If these past colonial instances could be conveyed to Non-Indigenous Canadians in an impactful way, just maybe "we can move forward as a nation". "True Story Part Two" producers hope that “through authentic storytelling ... [in] an inspiring and uplifting tone", they hope to show "what Canada could truly be if we…

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation/Orange Shirt Day

This coming Saturday on Sept 30 is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.September 30 was originally called Orange Shirt Day, a grassroots movement started in 2013 by Phyllis Webstad in her response to her "Residential School experience".September 30 is now an official Canadian holiday, created by "Federal Statute".The Circles for Reconciliation team will be at the march starting at The Forks, Saturday, September 30th. We will be at the circle near the Manitoba Children’s Museum at 10:30 am. You will see us in our CFR t-shirts with orange accessories and/or Orange Shirts. More details to come.

AMC and Elections Manitoba Introduce Groundbreaking Declaration of First Nation Guarantor for Proof of Identity Voters Form

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) and Elections Manitoba are trying to make it easier for First Nations people to vote in the October 3, 2023 Provincial Election. Elections Manitoba is working with the AMC to overcome one of the most common barriers that inhibits First Nation People from Voting - the lack of proper identification. To overcome this obstacle, "a declaration of First Nations guarantor for proof of identity form"has been developed to replace any government issued ID. The form must be filled out by your home community leadership, the Chief, or a Council Member or the Band Membership…

Stanley Cup coming to Sioux Valley Dakota Nation

The Stanley Cup will be coming to Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, Wednesday, August 23, 2023 states Tim Whitecloud, Zach Whitecloud’s father. Zach Whitecloud along with the team members of the Vegas Golden Knights captured the Stanley Cup in Game 5 over the Florida Panthers. About "200 Band members" from Zach's home community gathered together at the local community hall to cheer on one of their own to capture the Stanley Cup on the evening of June 13, 2023.

Day Scholars Class Action settlement open until October 4 2023

An advocacy group, Justice for Day Scholars 2021, wants to get the word out that the application form for the Day Scholars Class Action settlement is still open until October 4, 2023 for survivors to apply for compensation. If you know anybody affected by this settlement agreement, you should send them this LINK. Even if this person has since passed on, tell their beneficiaries that they can apply for the deceased's benefits if the affected Day Scholar passed away on or after May 30, 2005. The website has a number of resources and tools to assist Day Scholars with their…