The 2023 Canadian mini series, Little Bird, about the the “60’s Scoop”, was filmed in Manitoba. Episodes were shot in Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation and Winnipeg. The Story is about a young girl who was taken away by Child Welfare Authorities in 1968 from a Saskatchewan First Nation community and sent to a Montreal Jewish family and her attempts to reconcile with her Indigenous community.

A TV Critic for the Los Angeles Times, Robert Lloyd, referred to Little Bird as a powerful exploration of contemporary Canadian socials ills like the “Sixties Scoop” and assimilation. While these sociological phenomena are not as prevalent as in American society, the LA Times TV Critic does mention that people of color in the United States are making great strides, especially in the entertainment industry. The series is going to be aired in the United States on their public broadcasting network, the PBS network in 2024.

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