The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg is pleased to provide ongoing support to the initiative now widely know as Circles for Reconciliation! I know the beginnings were humble and you took a brave step forward to unite citizens of Winnipeg in this most important goal!

Your efforts to build a foundation for Reconciliation within individuals by having them host others at their homes and other local venues has proven more effective that anyone could imagine.

In my work as President of the Council, I have personally met some of the participants and heard their stories of personal growth and development in terms of their understanding of the true history of Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

For many of us who have devoted our life’s work to these causes, we know that this approach is fundamental to lasting positive change in the relationship between ourselves and other Canadians.

The fact that other individuals and groups are reaching out to you to adopt this model is living proof that it is working!

In closing, I am confident that your proposal will receive the due consideration of which it is most deserving!

Yours in friendship,
Damon Johnston
July 6, 2017