The #94IN94 Campaign Returns in 2022

September 12 to December 14

Since the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, there are still many Canadians who have not heard about the 94 Calls to Action. The purpose of the #94in94 campaign remains the same: to encourage Canadians to meaningfully reflect on the 94 Calls to Action and commit to responding across Canada.

The three organizations working together on this campaign are the National Center for Truth and Reconciliation, Circles for Reconciliation Inc. and Reconciliation Thunder.

We will begin sharing daily emails and social media posts for each Call to Action from September 12 to December 15.

For more information on the Calls to Action and the TRC Report

– To read every Call to Action, Click Here.
– To learn more on the progress of each Call to Action, Click Here.
– To read the full report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report, click Here.

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