National Indigenous Peoples Day 2024

On June 21st, 2024, Circles for Reconciliation hosted their second annual community barbeque at Sergeant Tommy Prince Place in Winnipeg’s Point Douglas. The day was filled with community spirit, with over 1000 community members and six schools attending the event. Drone footage of the event was kindly taken and donated by Colin Bennett. Also on site was both Global News and CBC, whom Circles for Reconciliation Partners Bonnie and Grace shared with about the event, building relationships, and celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day as a community in the spirit of reconciliation.

Activities included games, crafts, face painting, and balloon animals by Squiggly the Clown. Over 20-30 artisans and exhibitors were in attendance, showcasing local programs and products such as jewelry, food, and other apparel. Exhibitors included Salvation Army Community Venture, Me-Dian Credit Union, West Region Child & Family Services, Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, Sandy Bay CFS, Parenty Reitmeier, St. John’s Library, Red River College, CASARA, CRA- Benefits Outreach & CVITP, MerchGlobal, RCMP, KYEA, and Indigenous Languages of Manitoba. Additionally, attendees had the pleasure of seeing  the talented works of artisans: Neon Beads, Karen Marshall, Seneca Chartrand, Blending Beadz, Mikinaak Buttons, The Garden of Beadn’, Leather Work, Christine Brouzes, Country Chameleon, and Lucy Baraniuk. All attendees were entered into multiple prize draws, with all the prizes being generously gifted by the artisans.  

Highlights from the day.
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Attendees also enjoyed a beautiful throat singing performance by Aleatra Sammurtuk and her singing partner. The duo captivated the audience with Katajjaq classics, such as The Saw, and the rich history behind the music.

Free meal tickets were given to all the attendees, leading to over 800 hamburgers and hotdogs being served. The hard work of Thelma and Rene Lavallee and their daughter Clarice Coutu was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all the attendees. After the event, the remaining 400+ hamburger patties, hotdog wieners, and buns were donated to the Youth & Homeless Program at Sergeant Tommy Prince Place, led by program manager Ajay.

During the event, a Sharing Circle took place in the Sergeant Tommy Prince Place gymnasium, with a diverse crowd of 20 participants. Before the circle began, participants were offered a smudge. After the Circle, one of the participants revealed how she initially did not intend on sharing, however the spirit of the Circle encouraged her to share, emphasizing the importance of building bridges and relationships among each other, especially on this meaningful day. During the circle, multiple themes emerged, with the importance of setting a new path for future generations being highlighted, particularly by the presence of a child and an infant in the circle.

Thank you to all the volunteers, artisans, exhibitors, and community members for joining and making this National Indigenous Peoples Day celebration such an outstanding event!