Registration Landing Page

Pre-Registration Information

You will find the link to register at the bottom after you have read this page.

Common interest in achieving truth and reconciliation and equality of opportunity for Indigenous people is the only requirement for participation.


  • Check out our lists of active and upcoming circles which include location and times if available.
  • Note that the locations are simply physical spots and there is no requirement for membership in any of the organizations where the Circles are being held.
  • If one of the listed Circles suits your requirement, indicate that in the comments section of your registration.
  • Please register even if there is currently no Circle listed to be offered in your area. New Circles across the country are always in development as we collect the registrations.

Cost and timing

  • There is no cost to individual participants.
  • Each meeting is approximately 75 minutes.
  • Participation includes an expectation of attendance at 10 meetings.

Open invitation

  • If you know others who might like to take part, please invite them to submit their registration.
  • Once we have 10 participants (5 Indigenous and 5 non-Indigenous), you will be contacted about the details for your Circle.

Our guiding principles

  1. The Seven Sacred Teachings of the Anishinaabe
    LOVE: it is important to care for one another
    HONESTY: better to fail with honesty than succeed by fraud
    RESPECT: give it, earn it, receive it
    TRUTH: it is always easiest to speak the truth
    HUMILITY: to be humble about your accomplishments is to be strong
    COURAGE: let nothing stand in the way of doing the right thing
    WISDOM: with hard work and dedication will come knowledge

    talking stck
    talking stick
  2. With the help of a talking stick, each person in the circle group will be listened to in turn, treated with respect and valued for their insights.
  3. We are proposing meeting times of one hour 15 minutes, with each group meeting for ten weeks, thus requiring a serious commitment.
  4. We will always endeavour to provide support for any participants experiencing trauma.
  5. Because both personal and cultural differences play a role in the willingness and comfort level of people speaking in a group, respect, patience and courtesy are to be the hallmarks of the groups.
  6. It is very important that we all recognize that the feelings of an individual are neither right nor wrong. They are real and need to be respected.
  7. In accordance with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report, the four guiding principles for the new relationship are “mutual recognition, mutual respect, sharing, and mutual responsibility.” (Interim Report, page 23)
  8. There is no cost to participants, only a common commitment to work toward achieving truth and reconciliation and equality of opportunity for Indigenous people of Canada.

Here is your link to the Registration Form to record
your willingness to participate in a Circle for Reconciliation.